We serve the oil and gas industries’ needs by providing fully trained and experienced personnel to conduct underwater pipeline inspections, repairs, and maintenance. Our underwater pipeline inspection and repair services are completed by our experienced personnel using the latest equipment. This allows Onyx Services to perform repairs quickly, efficiently and most importantly, in a safe and cost effective manner.

  • Articulated Mat and Rip-Rap Placement
  • Close Interval Survey
  • Debris Removal
  • Harbor, Dock, and Terminal Inspection
  • Underwater Coating
  • Underwater Depth of Cover Survey
  • Underwater Inspection
  • Emergency Response Dive Team
  • Underwater Pipeline Decommission and Removal
  • Underwater Pipeline Exposure Remediation
  • Underwater Repairs
  • Underwater Suspended Pipeline Stabilization
  • Underwater Video
  • Washout and River Bank Remediation
  • Water Jetting


PHMSA regulatory obligations that may require Operators to respond and address impacts from flooding conditions at river crossings:

  • (1) pipeline surveillance (Part 192.613(a));
  • (2) general obligations to correct conditions that may adversely impact safe operation of the pipeline, noting that flooding, river scour and channel migration are such conditions (Parts 192.613(b) and 195.401(b)(1)-(2));
  • (3) requirement for certain onshore oil pipelines to maintain a facility response plan, including resources for responding to a worst case discharged (Parts 194.107(a), 194.115);
  • (4) requirement for certain pipelines located in “high consequence areas” to take measures to prevent and mitigate the consequences of a pipeline failure (Parts 192.935, 194.107(a), and 195.452(i)).

Unsure what waterways are navigable? Click below for a comprehensive list.

Navigable Waterway Crossings in the US

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