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Onyx Services, Inc. implements customer relations, outstanding service and an impeccable safety record for the pipeline and marine industry nationwide. With over 100 years of combined experience and using state of the art technology, we provide our clients with the highest quality of service at a very cost effective rate.

Headquartered near Houston, Texas, we serve as a nationwide asset to the oil and gas and marine industry. There are many pipeline companies, but Onyx Services Inc. stands out as an overall leader in quality of service in pipeline construction, pipeline repair, and pipeline maintenance because we offer a unique and diverse group of services for all project requirements.

Onyx Services has the equipment, the manpower, the means, and the expertise to manage all facets of pipeline and marine construction, inspection and repair work.

  • Turnkey Project Management – Pre, During and Post Construction – Onyx Services, Inc. is a fully integrated pipeline inspection, maintenance, and construction company. From pipeline projects in small creeks and rivers to large lakes, Onyx Services, Inc. will ensure the necessary resources to complete the job to our client’s satisfaction. Put your next project in the hands of the experienced professionals at Onyx Services, Inc.
  • Above Ground Pipeline Services, Both Land and Marsh – Here at Onyx Services Inc., we offer full pipeline inspection and repair services on land and in water and marsh areas. Offering broad and versatile services gives you, the client, a wide range of options to fit your company’s needs.
  • Pipeline Construction and Maintenance – We have circuitous responsibilities in upholding safety standards and organizing complex pipeline construction jobs. The ability to provide both pipeline construction and pipeline maintenance is one of our strongest advantages. Onyx, Services Inc. is dedicated to providing exceptional pipeline construction services to fit all of our client’s needs.
  • In House Safety Training - Safety training teaches owners and employees how to properly handle each job specifically. When working with heavy materials and machinery, specific safety training is most important here at Onyx Services, Inc. to promote a consistently safe working environment.
  • Complete Marine and Diving Services - With more than three decades of operational experience, exceptional personnel who are dedicated to your projects, and one of the best safety records in the business, Onyx Services Inc. knows how to get your job done right, in a timely manner, and most importantly, in a cost effective manner.

We help our partners maintain immeasurable miles of pipeline. 


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